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Teeny Weeny Soaps

Teeny Weeny Soaps

Buy our frothy and aromatic range of Teeny Weeny Soaps at market leading prices. Available in a variety of beautiful designs and styles, our Teeny Weeny Soaps are unique. They are excellent gifting items. Buyers can rest assured, our Teeny Weeny Soaps are skin-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. We can provide Teeny Weeny Soaps in retail amount any time of the year. We offer customized Teeny Weeny Soaps to meet specific requirements of buyers.



  • Accessories are not included with the products.
  • Price may vary depending upon colour, fragnance and size of the product.
  • Shipping charges extra.

  • High heeled shoes

    Product Code : TWS0002

    Price : Rs. 80

  • Lipstick and nail polish

    Product Code : TWS0003

    Price : Rs. 150

  • Teeny Weeny Gown

    Product Code : TWS0001

    Price : Rs. 250