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Handmade Kids Soap

Handmade Kids Soap

Made using finest quality ingredients, our Handmade Kids Soap is of immaculate quality. Our company is a successful Manufacturer and Supplier of Handmade Kids Soaps in Chhattisgarh. The Handmade Kids Soap we make available includes Tea Time Kids Soap and Insects Kids Soap. To cater the bulk and urgent requirements of buyers, we maintain a large stock of Kids Soap at our state-of-the-art warehouses under optimum conditions.



  • Accessories are not included with the products
  • Price may vary depending upon colour, fragnance and size of the product

  • Toffee Soap

    Product Code : KS0002

    Price : Rs.195/-

  • Gunset

    Product Code : KS0001

    Price : Rs.150/-

  • Babys Day Out

    Product Code : KS0006

    Price : Rs. 170

  • Hamburger soap

    Product Code : KS0013

    Price : Rs. 200/-

  • Insects

    Product Code : KS0003

    Price : Rs. 80

  • Baby Shower Soap

    Product Code : KS0007

    Price : Rs. 200/-

  • Smart Car

    Product Code : KS0012

    Price : Rs. 120/-

  • Telephone Soap

    Product Code : KS0014

    Price : Rs. 170/-

  • Vintage car

    Product Code : KS0008

    Price : Rs. 220/-

  • Button Soap a Set of 4

    Product Code : KS0009

    Price : Rs. 140/-